With the year almost complete of the 2017 IKR we’re well on the way to a blimmin’ awesome season! The banter has been as it should be and we believe this has been an epic championship.


We (I’m in ‘dad’ mode here, when I see we, I mean the dads/mechanics/pit crew) do mess up from time to time, hey we’re human after all and who is usually the first person on our back… THE OTHER HALF!!! Well it’s time for them to put their ‘expertise’ where their mouth is!!!

I’ve sounded out a fair few of you guys when I’ve had the chance to catch up with you and MOST of you said it’s a brilliant idea so, I’m officially announcing the MWAGS (Mums, Wives, Girlfriend,Sisters….Daughters, Aunts and God-Daughters!!!) race!

Based in the Rye House corporate karts, with a maximum of 26 spaces available and is for the Mums, Wives & Girlfriends (and now Sisters, Daughters and God-Daughters!) (MWAGS) ONLY!!! Using ‘Corporate Hairpin One’, a 10 minute qualifying round, then three 10 minute heats… exactly the same as we’ve been doing all year. We’re aiming to get Pink trophies and will be awarded on the day for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Fastest Lap! All for the same price (£65)

I think it’ll be a fitting end to what has already been an awesome series!  Ryan seems to think that the MWAGS are all going to chicken out, but I’m damn sure he’s wrong… again!

We’ll finalise bits and bobs nearer the time, but for now, if you are interested, register below!!!

Cheers, Andy 🙂